Globalization has led to more and more businesses transcending national boundaries. This has been helped a great deal by air freight and shipping through waterways, Pacific Shipping Lines has been in this business since a long time. Earlier, small scale industries had to suffer due to the small size of their cargo. The size of their cargo is small, whereas the size of the containers is much larger.

With increasing competition, cargo consolidation started taking place and Pacific Shipping Lines is not lacking behind in this regard. This refers to loading of the cargo of two or more customers into a single container, so as to make it economical for each one of them. Cargo consolidation is a service that works in favor of the consignees, saving them money, while ensuring the safe and smooth transport of their cargo.

Our Consolidation service is designed to cater to movement of LCL Shipments direct to Worldwide Destinations. We have LCL services major ports. Our expert operational staff carefully handles the LCL cargoes at our warehouses to avoid damages at the time of offloading and stacking. They further ensure that the same are properly stuffed into the containers and are adequately secured to ensure safe passage.

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